RMC Asia Festival

ABOUT RMC asia trophy 2024

With Amprex Racing Services Sdn Bhd. 

Amprex Racing Services, distributor of Rotax kart engines in Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam; and promoter of Rotax MAX Challenge Asia Trophy, is excited to announce the second edition of the Rotax MAX Challenge Asia Trophy 2024 which is a flagship International RMC event.

The Rotax Team is already in full progress for the preparation of the event in time to host RMCAT 2024.

Amprex Racing Services will be the proud promoter and organiser of the RMCAT, as they aspire to grow this event into annually the most prestigious international karting event in the South East Asia (SEA) region.

RMCAT 2024 is aiming to attract many international race teams and drivers again from the SEA region and from the Oceania Pacific region, East Asia, the Middle East and European regions, with entrants having one sole purpose in mind; to be crown as the champion of their respective categories.

Genji Hashimoto

CEO / Director

Amprex Racing Services Sdn Bhd, is a subsidiary of Amprex Motorsports, a company formed by Genji Hashimoto in 1996. Highly decorated motorsport personality in the Asian motoring community, he has competed professionally in motorbikes and cars from the age of 16. He has been applauded for the motoring events he has organised such as Dream Cars Motor Show in Singapore and in Malaysia, D1 Grand Prix Malaysia Series, Japan GT Championship and Super GT. He has also been on the advisory committee for international F1 tracks such as Sepang International F1 Circuit, Pocheon Korea Track and The Marina Bay Street Circuit (otherwise known as the Singapore Street Circuit), from the designing to building stages. He also has brought in new innovations to the motoring world with his engineering background. Now as the organisation has started focusing on building karting tracks and hosting racing events, Amprex Racing Services is focused on developing RMC Asia Trophy and RMC Asia Festival to give the newer generation of participants a better focused and professional karting race environment.