Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 22nd August 2022 – Amprex Racing Services, distributor of Rotax kart engines in Malaysia and promoter of Rotax MAX Challenge Malaysia, is pleased to announce the introduction of a new International RMC event: the inaugural Rotax MAX Challenge Asia Festival 2022 (RMCAF).

The RMCAF will be held for the first time at MORAC Adventure Park, Langkawi, Malaysia from December 9th to 11th 2022. The Rotax Team is already in full progress with the preparation of the event.

MORAC Adventure Park, Langkawi is a special venue in the hearts and minds of everyone associated with ROTAX since it hosted the RMC Grand Finals in 2001 and 2005. The 1,243-metre long track consists of 21 corners, making it quite challenging, and is currently undergoing renovations in time to host RMCAF 2022.

Amprex Racing Services will be the proud promoter and organiser of the RMCAF, as they aspire to reignite the glorious reputation of this unique competition held in Langkawi in the past, into annually the most prestigious international karting event in the South East Asia (SEA) region.

RMCAF 2022 is aiming to attract many race teams and drivers from the SEA region and from the Oceania Pacific region, East Asia, the Middle East and European regions, with one sole purpose in mind; to be crowned as the champion of their respective categories and to secure the coveted tickets to the 2023 RMCGF.

Five Rotax categories make up the race program at the RMCAF 2022:

Rotax 125 Micro MAX with 8 hp

Rotax 125 Mini MAX with 15 hp

Rotax 125 Junior MAX with 23 hp

Rotax 125 MAX with 30 hp

Rotax 125 MAX DD2 Masters with 34 hp and 2-speed gearbox

The RMCAF is based on a “one-make-engine” formula, where only technically scrutineered and sealed (for quality performance) Rotax kart engines and the Rotax regulation standard MOJO racing tyres will be used. Talented drivers from around the world can compete at the same level within their classes, where it is mainly the driving skills that make the difference for victory.

It is our pleasure to announce that Orawat Tantivejkul, the face of Moment Media (Thailand) and RMC Thailand will be collaborating together with Amprex Racing Services in promoting and supporting RMCAF 2022. Furthermore, Kevin Lai, Regional Coordinator of EIKO Motorsport (Japan) will be monitoring and providing consultancy support to both the South East Asia Rotax distributors. Ultimately this collaboration ensures that strong, professional synergies can be leveraged to execute a successful RMCAF 2022 event.

BRP-Rotax has appointed Amprex Racing Services in January 2022 as the promoters and event right holder of RMC Malaysia, as both parties are committed to this venture by sharing the same vision, aspirations, and goals in developing the viability of the ROTAX engine distributorship further in the SEA region.

It is no mean feat for BRP-Rotax to acknowledge the strategic and significant importance of the SEA market. The SEA region is known for its tremendous potential, where countries in this region are reputed to have the fastest expanding and potentially more prosperous economies in years to come. Rotax karting is here for good and committed to staying in this region for the long term.

Over this short period of time, both Rotax and Amprex Racing Services have built strong synergies by working and collaborating amicably together to develop the SEA karting scene to greater heights and ultimately capture the overall SEA karting market share.

Amprex Racing Services, Moment Media (Thailand) and EIKO Motorsport (Japan) are looking forward to seeing you at the Rotax MAX Challenge Asia Festival 2022 in Malaysia.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Victor Cheong Kim Foong

Sales & Event Manager

Amprex Circuit Sdn Bhd

+60 12 297 4870

About Amprex Racing Services

Amprex Racing Services Sdn Bhd, is a subsidiary of Amprex Motorsports, a company formed by Genji Hashimoto in 1996. Highly decorated motorsport personality in the Asian motoring community, he has competed professionally in motorbikes and cars from the age of 16. He has been applauded for the motoring events he has organised such as Dream Cars Motor Show in Singapore and in Malaysia, D1 Grand Prix Malaysia Series, Japan GT Championship and Super GT. He has also been on the advisory committee for international F1 tracks such as Sepang International F1 Circuit, Pocheon Korea Track and The Marina Bay Street Circuit (otherwise known as the Singapore Street Circuit), from the designing to building stages. He also has brought in new innovations to the motoring world with his engineering background. Now as the organisation has started focusing on building karting tracks and hosting racing events, Amprex Racing Services is focused on developing RMC Malaysia and RMC Asia Festival to give the newer generation of participants a better focused and professional karting race environment.

About Moment Media (Thailand)

Orawat Tantivejkul, the face of Moment Media Co. Ltd. has been organising RMC Thailand since 2016 and later became the Authorised Rotax Distributor in Thailand in 2019. The company is located in Bangkok and is the official supplier for Rotax engines, spare parts and MOJO tyres in Thailand offering full customer support. Additionally, they are also the Rotax Thailand Authorised Service Centre for engine maintenance, rebuilding and sealing.

About EIKO Motorsport (Japan)

EIKO Motorsport (Japan) is based in Nagoya (Central) Japan, specialising in karting products and is also a kart event organiser. Throughout the years, the company has created lots of RMC series, stretching from the northernmost island of Hokkaido all the way to the southernmost island of Okinawa. The annual Rotax MAX Festival Japan gathers the best of each RMC series for an ultimate showdown and the winners in each class are awarded their RMC Grand Finals tickets. Some notable venues of the RMC in Japan are the legendary circuit of Suzuka, the high speed track of Mizunami and Auto Paradise Gotemba, where spectators are facing the track with Mount Fuji in the background, and of course the circuit of the Twin Ring Motegi.