Rotax Senior MAX

Rotax Senior MAX

Entry Fee, Senior MAX:

RM8,000 (inclusive of 4 sets of MOJO D5 and 1 set of MOJO W5)

Maximum of 68 entries

License: National Karting License or International license grade F or E karting license issued by an ASN affiliated to the FIA + permission to drive abroad from the ASN of the country where the license is issued. For International RMC events an international licence grade F or E karting licence, and an international entrant licence is required.

Minimum age: The driver must have his/her 14th * birthday during the year of the event.

*If a driver is 14 years old during the year of the event, he/she must hold a valid international licence grade F karting according to CIK FIA INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS’ LICENCES FOR KARTING DRIVERS & CODE OF DRIVING CONDUCT, article 3.4.2

Weight: 162 kg


Per Entry

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