DAILY REPORT #2 Saturday, January 27, 2024

Fire and Fury in Sepang Qualifying as RMCAF’s Titans Battle for Pole

Sepang International Kart Circuit, Malaysia – The thunderous roar of 2-stroke engines shattered the morning calm today as racers took it to the track for qualifying at RMC Asia Festival 2024. With dreams of glory in their hearts and lead in their right foot, RMCAF’s titans held nothing back in their quest for pole position.

Pole Position Award winners (based on QP lap times);

  • Senior MAX with lap time of, 48.939s, PRASSETYO HARDJA from Indonesia – DRM RACING TEAM.
  • Senior MAX Masters with lap time of, 49.994s, Kato MASANORI from Japan.
  • DD2 MAX with lap time of, 49.233s, Luke ARMSTRONG from Singapore – Stratos RL
  • Junior MAX with lap time of, 50.037s, SHUN SEKIGUCHI from Japan – EMATY.
  • Mini MAX with lap time of, 53.214s, John HAN from Hong Kong – KP Buzz.
  • Micro MAX with lap time of, 55.522s, Ava LAWRENCE from UAE – Autoinc Racing.

Clouds of blue smoke billowed in the wake of karts pushed to the red zone around the 1.2km circuit. RMCAF’s international elite carved sensational lines lap after lap, dancing on the very edge in hair-raising displays of courage and car control. Some tasted the bitter pill of defeat, losing the rear through Sepang’s high speed sweepers.

As the chequered flag waved over qualifying, elation and heartbreak in equal measure in the Sepang paddock. But the action did not end there! Racers quickly turned their attention to the heat races, where epic battles delivered non-stop excitement late into the afternoon.

With pole positions and heat wins now determined, the grid is set for tomorrow’s pre-finals and finals, where RMCAF’s gladiators will clash wheel-to-wheel once more to claim the betrothed Grand Finals ticket. Hold on tight, because the RMC Asia Festival is about to deliver high-octane action at its very best! Don’t forget to join us via our live stream @rmc_asiatrophy.


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Media Officer

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